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Asaf Rodeh

Guitar, Production, Composition






Asaf Rodeh is a Los Angeles  based session guitar player and producer.

Born and raised in Israel, Asaf moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue a music career and quickly found his way into the local scene.  His musical diversity brought him to work with a wide range of artists such as David Archuleta, Stephanie Quayle, Mika Ben- Yami and many others.

Past and current projects:

David Archuleta
Mika Ben -Yami
Stephanie Quayle
Melinda Ortner
The Red Elvises
Crash Cutie Crash
Kati O’Toole
Darrin Kohavi
Noush Skaugen
Studio Pros.

Videos by Asaf Rodeh:
Acoustic Guitar Masterclass - Asaf Rodeh - Guitar Lesson

Asaf Rodeh (Guitar)

Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking, Alternate Tunings, Electric Guitar, Pedals
Music Auditioning and Career Masterclass - Asaf Rodeh - Industry Lesson

Asaf Rodeh (Networking, New in Town)

Networking, Moving to a New Country, Getting Gigs, LA