Evan Marien (Bass)

Evan Marien (Bass)


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Artist: Evan Marien
Length: 47:35
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Description: In this electric bass masterclass, bassist Evan Marien discusses his harmonic and technical methodology. He shows you his approach on improvising through changes, right hand technique, tone and more.

Topics Covered: Electric Bass, Improvisation, Soloing, The Lydian Mode, The Looper Pedal, Reverb, Right Hand Technique, Muting, Playing Chords, Tone, Chord Substitutions, Pentatonics and 6 note scales, Avoiding the 4th, Starting from the 7th, 4ths, Intervalic Shapes, Finding Common Notes and Hearing Your Ideas.

Evan Marien

According to Bass Player magazine, “there’s a new bass monster in town”.

Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2009 Evan has become one of the most talked about bass players in the world. Fans from across the globe praise his music and bass playing, regarding him as a new voice on the instrument.

He has officially released 3 albums – “Between Worlds” (Art of Life Records 2009) featuring David Fiuczynski, “Here We Are” (2011) an EP featuring Iakov Kremenskiy, Louis Cato and Dana Hawkins, and recently a Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins live EP called “Collection” (2013)

Evan is known well for his versatility, playing sideman roles for almost every genre of music. He has explored microtonal free jazz with Jack DeJohnette and David Fiuczynski, played funk with Fred Wesley and Brian Culbertson, jazz-fusion with Greg Howe, hip hop with Outasight, pop rock with Greyson Chance, mixed-meter fusion with Virgil Donati and electronic music with LuckyMe artist/producer Mike Slott.

In the 2009 Bass Player Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards, Evan was voted as one of the top three Most Exciting New Players in the world, along with fellow Berklee grad Esperanza Spaulding and fellow Markbass artist Hadrien Feraud.

Evan has played with a lot of people. These people happen to be notable artists like Outasight, Greyson Chance, producers Jason Goldstein (The Roots) and 6 Sense (Snoop), Jack DeJohnette, David Fiuczynski (KiF), Mike Slott, Virgil Donati, Tim Miller, Greg Howe, Global Noize w/ Jason Miles and DJ Logic, Terri Lyne Carrington, Ari Hoenig, Kenwood Dennard, Joe Lovano, Wayne Krantz, Ben Monder, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, John Blackwell, Joseph Wooten, Deantoni Parks, Fred Wesley, Greg Osby, Tyshawn Sorey, 6 Figures and Nigel Hall, Hadrien Feraud, Steve Hunt, Brian Culbertson, David Hernandez from American Idol.

He also is a music producer for Dirtondirt.com and Tora (www.officialtora.com)
Evan is an Artist Endorser for Markbass amps and effects, Source Audio EFX pedals, Ken Smith basses, Campbell American basses, and Mono Cases.

Content By Evan Marien