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Songwriting Masterclass - Ivan Rubenstein Gillis - Songwriting Lesson

Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis (Songwriting)

Songwriting, Production, Creative Process, Lyrics, Etc.
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Length: 39:28


Description: In this songwriting lesson, Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis walks you through the creation and production of his new song “I Was” from the album, “TYPOE”. Ivan discusses his songwriting process and gives you tips to develop your own songs and style. This is a very cool glimpse into a songwriter’s creative process and it’s FREE to view for a limited time…Enjoy!

Topics Covered: Songwriting, composition, lyric writing, recording yourself, production, the process, repetition, small ideas, inspiration, etc.
Albums by Ivan:

Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis
Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist






Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis has performed and/or recorded with Aaron Comess, Richard Hammond, Clarence Ferrari, Meyer Horn, Rod Sherwood, Adam Small, Alisa Horn, Roswell Rudd, Cat Martino, Casey Solomon, Marie Sylvester, Leah Siegel, Lexy Casano, Jon Graboff, David Grausman, Stephan Schatz, Arne Wendt, Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf, Greg Glassman, Joe Strasser, Andrea Valentini, Tom Swafford, Neal Miner, Roberto Ruiz, Michael Ajerman and Many More.

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