Arne Wendt

Arne Wendt




Keyboards, bass, backing vocals, session work and production, commercial soundtracks, synth programming. I have a studio setup and can track from home. .. .. I have written articles for Keyboard Magazine and School of Rock Magazine, have worked with Jon Bon Jovi, Bob Bandiera, Rob Paparozzi, Noel Redding, Bernard Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Anthony Krizan, Bob Wooton, Chuck Treece, and many others. .. .. I have also programmed synths for Bernie Worrell (P-Funk/Talking Heads), Moog Music and Tom Brislin (Debbie Harry and Marion Raven tours). Several years ago I had the honor to share the stage with Dr. Herb Deutsch on a lecture of the Era and Importance of the Moog Synthesizer. We demoed his 1970 Minimoog and my 2002 Minimoog Voyager side-by-side. Though nothing can touch the older Minimoogs, I’m happy to say the Voyager held up nicely! .. .. Recently I have been volunteering my time with the Holiday Express organization, playing during the holiday season for those less fortunate. It is a fantastic organization, a humbling experience and I am happy to be a part of it. I urge you to please check it out at


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