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What is the song that introduces all of your videos?

The song is titled “Bilby” and it’s from an album I (Adam Small) produced a while back. You can download the full track or album here.

Is your website secure?

Yes, all payments on the site are handled by Paypal’s Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). No payment information will be stored on

Will you spam my email if I register at your site?

No, we promise not to spam you! We pride ourselves on privacy and wish that all spammers be eaten by zombies.  We generally only send out our newsletters about once per month.

Can I download videos from your site?

Our videos are available in 2 versions: streaming and download. You cannot download the streaming versions, but the download versions are well…downloadable. Please refer to the next tab, “Streaming vs. Download” for more details.

Streaming vs. Download?

The STREAMING videos can be viewed on any computer or device that is compatible with mp4 files or flash media. Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads and most Android devices are compatible.  Basically, if you can get online, you will most likely be able to stream our videos without a problem.  STREAMS will be active for 5 days after your purchase and will be viewable from the website’s “Your Content” page. The link to “Your Content” can be found near the top of every page under the site’s logo.

The DOWNLOADS are encoded in an mp4 format which will play on almost any device—including iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.  These videos can be downloaded onto your computer or device, so you own them and they will never expire. Note: The download links themselves are encrypted and will expire 24 hours after purchase in order to secure the website’s content. Also, your downloads are available from the website’s “Your Content” page if you would like to view them online or get new download links. The link to “Your Content” can be found near the top of every page under the site’s logo.

Can I upgrade my Stream to a Download?

Yes, we offer upgrade paths for our downloads if you have already purchased the streaming version.  The link to the upgrade can be seen on the streaming video’s page when you have access.  If your access has expired (after the 5 days) and you wish to purchase the download, please contact us and we’ll hook you up with the same deal.

My Stream isn't showing up after purchase. What do I do?

If you’ve purchased a stream and it doesn’t show up under “Your Content”, it may be because you used a different email address when registering for the site than is associated with your Paypal account.  No worries, there is an easy fix for this.  Just go to “Your Settings” which is under the site’s logo on the top of the page.  Enter your Paypal email address in the correct field and everything will link up like magic…Shazam!  If you experience any problems with this, contact us and we’ll fix the issue ASAP (and we’ll reset your stream so that you don’t lose any time).

Where is my profile? How do I adjust my email settings, etc.?

Go to the “Your Settings” link which is near the top of the page under the site’s logo.

My downloaded video is playing choppy or out of synch. How can I fix this?

Our videos are encoded in a very high quality mp4 format.  Some players will not deal with these high-def files efficiently.  If you have a problem with your player, try the free VLC player.  It works with just about every format in existence and is more reliable than most commercial players in our humble opinion.  Get it at

How do I download your videos to my Android device?

Android makes it easy to download mp4 video files directly to your device.  On your Android device, open the email we sent you with the encrypted video link(s).  Click the link and the video should automatically download to your gallery.  The other option is to download the video to your computer and then transfer it to the device via USB synch.  Please contact support if you have any problems with this.

How do I download your videos to my iPad or iPhone?

At the time of this post, Apple has no “native” way to download a video directly to an iPad or iPhone.  That being said, it’s easy to accomplish this and you have a couple options.

First Option: Download the video to your computer and then put it in iTunes.  Then synch the iPad or iPhone with iTunes.

Second Option: Get a free (or paid) Download Manager App from the App Store and download the video directly to your iPad or iPhone.  When you receive our email with the video download link you will just copy it (hold and click to copy).  Then you will open the download manager app on the device and paste the link in the browser (of the download manager).  It will then be downloaded directly to your iPhone or iPad and will be available through that app at any time.  You can always contact us for a new download link if aliens steal your iPad or something, no worries at all.  There are a bunch of good free download managers available so we won’t list names here.  If you are having any trouble with this process, please contact support and we’ll help you out.

Do your videos include PDF files?

We try to embed as much of the info as possible in the videos themselves, but some of our masterclass have add-on PDFs available. You can see them here.

It's too fast for me to transcribe. Can I slow down the video?

Yup, we recommend downloading the FREE VLC player here. It not only plays just about every format of video (and audio) on the planet, but you can adjust the playback settings to slower or faster speeds without changing the pitch. So, just download the player, open the video or audio file and go to the “Playback” menu in VLC. You’ll see the speed settings right there. Enjoy!

Can I submit a video to your site?

We’re looking for the top professional talent in the world and our selectivity is what sets us apart from the crowd. If you’re a professional musician and you can meet our video guidelines, we would love for you to be part of our family!  Check out our submissions page.

Can I submit a video that is already on another site?

If you would like to submit a video to our Free Masterclasses section and it’s either under the standard Youtube license or owned by you, we’d love to check it out. If you would like for us to consider your video for our Premium Masterclasses Section, we will need it to be exclusive to My Music Masterclass.