How can I upgrade or downgrade my monthly subscription plan?2022-03-30T12:15:25-04:00

If you are enrolled in a monthly subscription plan and would like to switch to a different membership level, this can be changed in the “Subscriptions” tab under “My Account”. Just click on your subscription ID# and then scroll down to the “Subscription Totals” section. You will see the options to upgrade or downgrade there.

How do I add videos as part of my monthly subscription?2022-03-29T12:06:26-04:00

If you are enrolled in a monthly subscription plan, you can simply navigate to any video(s) you are interested in on the website and click the “use credit” button. NOTE: The “use credit” button is only available on single videos, not bundled products. If you are interested in a bundle, click on the separate videos (contained in the bundle) and use your credits accordingly.

Where can I find all my “Subscribed” videos?2022-03-29T11:58:56-04:00

If you have chosen videos as part of your monthly subscription, you can find them easily on the “Your Videos” tab under “My Account”. Alternatively, you can simply navigate to the specific video’s product page and watch from there.

Where can I find my videos, PDFs, past orders, coupons, settings, etc.?2017-12-02T21:14:44-05:00

Login to the site using the “My Account” link at the top of the page.  Once logged in, click on the “My Account” link and navigate to one of the following tabs:

ORDERS: View your past orders and access all of the associated content.  You can also upgrade your content if applicable (upgrade to “purchase” or “bundle”) and print out your invoices.

VIDEOS & DOWNLOADS: This is a more consolidated place to view and download your content if you don’t require the other extra details on the “Orders” tab.

COUPONS: If you have a gift card or if you’ve received store credit, you can view the balance here.

ADDRESSES: This billing address will be used on the checkout page by default, but you can make changes on this tab.

PAYMENT METHODS: Add or remove your saved payment methods.

ACCOUNT DETAILS: Make changes to your account settings (name, email & password)

LOGOUT: This tab should never be used under any circumstances!

How do I sign up? Do you offer subscriptions?2017-12-15T09:21:52-05:00

When you make a purchase, simply create a password at checkout and you’re good to go. Then you’ll be able to access all of the site’s features. We don’t offer monthly subscriptions to our content since it would only hurt the artists on the site. We are very passionate about supporting the professional music community and we want to make sure our musicians are taken care of :).

“Rental” vs. “Purchase” vs. “Bundle”2017-12-02T21:26:20-05:00

RENTAL: Our videos can be viewed on any computer or device that is compatible with mp4 files. Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices and most other systems are compatible.  Basically, if you can get online, you should be able to stream our videos without a problem.  RENTALS will be active for 5 days after your purchase and can be viewed in the “My Account” area after you log in. The link to “My Account” can be found near the top of every page.

PURCHASE: Our videos are encoded in an mp4 format which will play on computers and almost any device (including iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.).  These videos can be downloaded onto your computer or device, so you will own them and they will never expire. Also, your purchases will always be available from the website’s “My Account” page if you would like to stream them online or get new download links. The link to “My Account” can be found at the top of every page.

BUNDLE: When there are multiple parts to a masterclass or series, often times a discounted bundle will be available. These bundles contain the downloadable videos (“purchases”) and PDFs (if any exist for the videos).

Can I upgrade my “Rental” to a “Purchase”?2017-11-09T10:18:04-05:00

Yes, if you would like to own a video forever after renting it for 5 days, we offer an upgrade path to the “purchase” version. The upgrade option will be available in the “my account” section on the “orders” tab. If you click on your specific order, you will see the upgrade options. Note: There is typically a $1-2 surcharge for this upgrade. For example: if you rent a video for $8.99 and would like to upgrade to the “purchase” version (sold for $17.99), you will be charged $9.99 to upgrade.

Can I upgrade to a “Bundle”?2017-12-15T09:22:11-05:00

Yes, if a bundle is available for a video that you have rented or purchased, you will be able to upgrade and get a discounted rate. Just login to the site and go to “My Account”. Navigate to the “Orders” tab and find the order for that particular video. You’ll see the “Upgrade to Bundle” link there.

Do your videos include PDF files?2017-12-02T21:37:19-05:00

We try to embed as much info as possible in the videos themselves. That being said, some of our masterclasses have PDFs included with the “purchase” (not the “rental”), while other video series have optional PDFs available at a separate cost. This info will always be available in the video description, so if there is no mention of a PDF, it doesn’t exist for that particular masterclass.

Can I download the subtitles/captions to my computer?2019-07-15T14:26:12-04:00

Yes, if you purchased a video that has subtitles/captions available, you will be able to download them to your computer. Login to the website and go to the “videos & downloads” tab under “my account”. You will see the “captions” download links on the right side. Download this zip file to your computer and extract its contents to the folder containing the video. NOTE: You will need a media player that is capable of displaying subtitles/captions and we recommend downloading the FREE VLC player here. Then simply open the video with VLC and the subtitle language options will appear. Enjoy!

How do I download your videos to my iPad or iPhone?2017-12-02T21:41:08-05:00

At the time of this post, Apple has no “native” way to download a video directly to an iPad or iPhone.  That being said, it’s easy to accomplish this and you have a couple options.

First Option: Download the video to your computer and then put it in iTunes.  Then sync the iPad or iPhone with iTunes.

Second Option: Get a free (or paid) Download Manager App from the App Store and download the video directly to your iPad or iPhone.  Just copy the download link (hold and click to copy), open the download manager app on the device and paste the link in the browser (of the download manager).  It will then be downloaded directly to your iPhone or iPad and will be available through that app at any time. There are a bunch of good free download managers available so we won’t list names here.  If you are having any trouble with this process, please contact support and we’ll help you out.

How do I download your videos to my Android device?2017-12-02T21:41:24-05:00

Android makes it easy to download mp4 video files directly to your device.  On your Android device, click the download link and the video should automatically download to your gallery.  The other option is to download the video to your computer and then transfer it to the device via USB synch.  Please contact support if you have any problems with this.

My download is too slow. It keeps timing out.2017-12-15T09:22:42-05:00

In the US, Canada & South America: If you are in the The US, Canada or South America, the download speed should be fast. We use Amazon’s servers and they are typically speedy and stable. If you are experiencing problems, please try from a different internet connection first. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser. If you are still experiencing issues, contact us and we’ll help you get the files.

All Other Areas (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, India, Russia, The Middle East, Etc.) : If you are outside of the Americas and are experiencing very slow or failed downloads, please contact us and we’ll send you links from another server closer to you.

It’s too fast for me to transcribe. Can I slow down the video?2017-12-02T21:43:41-05:00

Yes, there are a couple ways to achieve this. If you are streaming a video from our site (5-day rentals & purchases), our player will allow you to play the content at 1/2 speed. If you opt to purchase the video (instead of renting), you’ll also have the option to download it to your computer or device. In this case, you’ll be able to use different media players that can offer more variety regarding playback speed. We recommend downloading the FREE VLC player here. Besides having some good playback speed settings (without changing the pitch), it will read just about every format of video (and audio) on the planet :).
So, just download the player, open the video file and go to the “Playback” menu in VLC. You’ll see the speed settings right there.

My downloaded video is playing choppy or out of sync. How can I fix this?2017-12-02T21:45:43-05:00

Our videos are encoded in a high quality mp4 format.  In rare occasions, some players will not deal with these HD files efficiently.  If you’re having problems with your player, try the free VLC player.  It works with just about every format in existence and is more reliable than most commercial players in our humble opinion.  It can also slow down our videos to help with transcribing, which is an added bonus :). Get it at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html

Where is my profile? How do I adjust my email settings, etc.?2017-11-09T10:03:05-05:00

Once you’re logged in, go to the “My Account” link at the top of the page. You’ll see everything there.

I’m missing some of my past purchases. What do I do?2017-12-15T09:23:10-05:00

We recently upgraded to a new system which offers a bunch of cool benefits to our users and will bring more exciting features in the future. That being said, since we had to do a major data migration from our old system, some of your content may be temporarily absent from the “My Account” page. Don’t worry, we have records of everything you purchased in our system, so just email us and we’ll take care of it :).

Can I download videos from your site?2017-11-09T10:26:56-05:00

Our videos are available in 2 versions: “rental” and “purchase”. If you purchase a video, you can download it. If you rent a video, you can not.

Will you spam my email if I register at your site?2017-11-09T10:27:46-05:00

No, we promise not to spam you! We pride ourselves on privacy and wish that all spammers be eaten by zombies.  We generally only send out our newsletters about once per month.

Is your website secure?2017-12-02T21:47:00-05:00

Yes, we are a secure encrypted website (HTTPS) and payments are handled by either PayPal and Stripe, depending on your preferred checkout method.


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