Earn Content and Join the MMMC Team!

Do you have a large wish-list of videos you would like to buy at MyMusicMasterlcass.com, but are limited on funds?  Are you a a fan and/or supporter of the site who wants to spread the word?  Join our affiliate team so you can earn videos, T-shirts, micro-credential courses and more.

As many of you know, we give the majority of our proceeds to the artists.  We do this because we heavily support the professional musician community and we want to make sure that talented musicians get paid in this turbulent era of digital streaming and piracy.  Also, we price all of our content affordably so that musicians from around the globe can learn from these masters.  Due to this structure, we have opted to give a larger commission than our competitors, but in the form of site credit instead of cash.  So, if you want to learn from your heroes and help get the word out at the same time, our affiliate program is for you.

What Do I Have to Do?

Just promote My Music Masterclass on your website, blog or social media accounts and we’ll give you 20% of the purchase price from your referrers in the form of site credit.

How Does it Work?

We will provide you with unique affiliate links that you can embed in your website, emails, blogs, social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), newsletters and more.

How Do I Get Paid?

We track all visits referred by your links and all purchases made by those visitors for 60 days (from the date of their first visit).  Then we pay you 20% of all qualified purchases as site credit.

When Will I Be Paid?

Your site-credit will be added to your account within the first week of the month.  Please note that there is a 2-month delay on payments to make sure there are no fraudulent returns. For instance, January earnings will be paid in March, etc.

How Do You Track My Affiliate Purchases?

Our affiliate system use a 60-day cookie, which is linked to your MMMC account.  We track and credit you with all purchases made within 60 days of a customer’s (who was sent by your link) first visit.  The only exception being if another affiliate has sent the customer to MyMusicMasterclass.com before your link, which would credit them for the purchases instead.  If a customer does not make a purchase within that 60-day window, they may be referred again by someone else.

Will I Be Able to See My Statistics?

Yes, you will have access to a personal affiliate area which will provide detailed info about your referral links, including site visits, conversion rates, earnings, etc.

Will You Send Me Marketing Materials?

Yup, all MMMC affiliates will receive logos, banners, text links and instructions.

Are There Any Other Rules?

Yes, please make sure to read our entire affiliate agreement.  Any abuse of our policies will lead to suspension of your affiliate account.

How do I get started?

It’s easy!  Just contact us here and we’ll give you all the necessary info.