Bob Mintzer (Composition and Arranging)

Bob Mintzer (Composition and Arranging)


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Artist: Bob Mintzer
Length: 58:57
Subtitles: English, Korean, Spanish
Description: In this jazz composition and arranging masterclass, acclaimed saxophonist and composer/arranger Bob Mintzer gives you tips about the composition and arranging process.  Bob goes over some techniques and considerations that have aided him in his illustrious career as an in-demand composer, arranger and performer.  Bob also breaks down his composition "The Red Sea" (Yellowjackets) and "El Caborojeno" (Big Band) in this lesson.  If you're a jazz instrumentalist looking to improve your composition and arranging skills, this video is for you. NOTE: There is a PDF bundled with the "purchase" version of this video (not the $8.99 "rental" version) which includes the embedded charts/arrangements (“The Red Sea”, “El Caborojeno” & “Beyond the Limit”).

Topics Covered: Jazz, Composition, Influences, Voicings, Context, Quartet, Big Band, Arranging, Borrowing, Groove and Tempo, Writing for Certain Players, “The Red Sea”, Yellowjackets, “Beyond the Limit”, Classical Inspiration, Experimentation, Stravinsky, Piano Skills, Quartal Harmony, Organizing Ideas, Avoiding “Over Composing”, Staying Fresh, Elements of a Great Tune, Orchestration, Melody, Rhythm, Repetition, Etc.

Bob Mintzer

“Playing music is a life long commitment. There are always new things to consider and develop. I’m exhilarated and humbled by music on a daily basis, and plan to continue on this path until my last day on earth.” These words pretty much sums up Bob Mintzer’s approach to music.

Bob leads several musical lives that, at times, seem humanly impossible for one person to sustain. He is a 20 year member of the Grammy award winning Yellowjackets, leads his own Grammy winning big band, is the recipient of the Buzz McCoy endowed chair of jazz studies at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, does workshops all over the world, writes books on jazz, writes for orchestra, concert band, and big band, travels with his own quartet, and plays with numerous other bands around the globe. He is equally active in the composing, performing and educational fields.

Bob has written over 200 big band arrangements. His big band music is played over the world, and has influenced numerous big band writers. He honed his big band writing and playing skills in the bands of Tito Puente, Buddy Rich, Thad Jones-Mel Lewis. He has also written works for the National Symphony Orchestra, Metropole Orchestra of the Netherlands. WDR Big band in Cologne, HR Big Band in Frankfurt and was commissioned to write a piece for concert band and tenor sax (Go) by a consortium of 50 universities.

As an instrumentalist Bob has worked with Art Blakey, Jaco Pastorius, Sam Jones, Randy Brecker, Gil Evans, the Yellowjackets, GRP All Star Big Band, Mike Manieri, The New York Philharmonic, to name a few. He has done session work for James Taylor, Steve Winwood, Queen, Donald Fagan, Milton Nascimento, and countless others.

Bob has recorded some 30 solo projects and was awarded with 4 grammy nominations and a Grammy award for best large jazz ensemble recording in 2001 for Homage to Count Basie on the DMP label.

Bob currently resides in Los Angeles in the former house of composer Arnold Schoenberg (his first LA residence, 1934-1936), teaches at USC, travels 4 months out of the year, and, when at home, writes and practices constantly. He is generally considered one of the tenor saxophonists who came out the school of New York players in the 70’s, which includes Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, David Liebman and Steve Grossman.

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