Brad Shepik (Balkan Rhythms for Jazz)

Brad Shepik (Balkan Rhythms for Jazz)


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Artist: Brad Shepik
Length: 33:50
Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Description: In this "Balkan Rhythms for Jazz" masterclass, acclaimed guitarist Brad Shepik shows you the basics of Balkan Rhythms and how to apply these concepts to your jazz repertoire. Brad demonstrates exercises to help you become fluent in different odd meters before showing you his odd-time arrangements of some well-known jazz standards. NOTE: There is a PDF bundled with the download version of this video (not the $8.99 streaming version) which includes the embedded notation seen in the video.

Topics Covered: Jazz Guitar, Basics of Balkan Rhythms, Odd Meters, Exercises, Scales in Odd Meters, Arpeggios in Odd Meters, Groupings, Using Odd Meters in Your Arrangements, Different Subdivisions, etc.

Brad Shepik

Guitarist, composer, educator Brad Shepik has recorded 9 albums with his groups Brad Shepik Organ Trio, Brad Shepik Quartet, Brad Shepik Trio, Human Activity Quintet, Brad Shepik and the Commuters. Since 1995 his ensembles have performed at major festivals and clubs across Europe and North America including The North Sea Jazz Festival, Garda Jazz Festival, Cologne Biennale Jazz Festival, Toulouse Jazz Festival, Bell Atlantic Festival, Verizon, Earshot, Caramoor Jazz Festival, Langnau Jazz Festival, Groningen, Salzburg, Jerez, Cadiz, Sevilla, American Guitar Festival, Leeds, Rochester Jazz Festival, Cork, Brussels, Edgefest and others.

He currently performs solo concerts and with Brad Shepik Organ Trio, The Brad Shepik Quartet, Rambler, Combo Nuvo, Tom Beckham/Brad Shepik Duo, Balkan Peppers, Jamie Baum Septet, Matt Darriau’s Paradox Trio, George Schuller’s Circle Wide, Arthur Kell and others.


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