Fima Ephron (Bass)

Fima Ephron (Bass)


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Product Description

Artist: Fima Ephron
Length: 37:52
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Description: In this bass masterclass, acclaimed bassist Fima Ephron shows you why he's been a first-call musician for so many years.  Fima discusses creating bass lines, grooving, warm-ups, odd times, using fills and anchors, sight reading and more.  If you are looking to gain some musical wisdom from a working pro, this bass masterclass is for you.

Topics Covered: Bass, Grooving, Bass Lines, Warm-Ups, improvisation, Odd Times, Feeling Long Phrases, Patterns, Tone, Fills, Anchor Points, Practicing, Sight Reading, Soloing, Sessions, Knowing The Neck, Etc.

Fima Ephron

Born in London, England, my family moved to New York when I was three. I started playing bass at age thirteen. I attended music and art high school, and was playing professionally by age fourteen.

New York University • Queens Collage • Purchase College
Bachelors degree in jazz performance.


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