Julie Erikssen (Being a Professional Singer)

Julie Erikssen (Being a Professional Singer)


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Product Description

Artist: Julie Erikssen
Length: 39:14
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Description: In this vocal masterclass, international singer, songwriter and solo artist Julie Erikssen shows you the essentials of being a professional singer, before you hit the stage. Julie breaks down what's needed for you to confidently lead a band and/or "sit in" with musicians, including understanding keys, starting accurate tempos, utilizing proper etiquette, staying relaxed and more. If you're a vocalist in need of some professional advice, so that you can avoid making inexperienced mistakes on stage or in the studio, this professional singer masterclass is for you!

Topics Covered: Choosing Your Key, Leading a Band, Song Structure, Tempo, Circle of Fifths, Lyrical Content, Chart Reading, Transposition, Working with Musicians, Hearing the Key Chord, Function of Key Chord, Confidence, Creating a Mood, Counting In, Meditation, Storytelling, Knowing a Tune, Health Tips, Etc.

Julie Erikssen

Julie Erikssen is an artist whose grace appeals.

Amazing songwriter, she writes stories and imagine universes that she illustrates through a powerful and aerial music.
She has an unlimited vocal technique and releases on stage a lot of sincerity with an astonishing charisma and a radiant smile.

Always surrounded by the musicians among the best, she also comps herself on the piano and on the guitar.​


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