Ruslan Sirota 2 (Piano)

Ruslan Sirota 2 (Piano)


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Artist: Ruslan Sirota
Length: 38:35
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Description: In part two (2 of 2) of this piano masterclass, Grammy award winning pianist Ruslan Sirota discusses and demonstrates core elements to his style and versatility. Ruslan goes over improvisational concepts, stylistic and musical considerations, career advice and more. If you are looking to be successful in a variety of genres and play the big stages, Ruslan's advice is priceless. NOTE: You can purchase both videos in this series at a discount here!

Topics Covered: Piano, motivic development, telling a story, embellishing a theme, soloing, chord scales, intervallic patterns, arpeggios, being creative, common tones, thinking musically, analyzing the changes, feel, understanding the style, playing under the singer, musical DOs and DON’Ts, going the extra mile, getting to the next level, being prepared, etc.

Ruslan Sirota

Ruslan Sirota is a Grammy Award winning pianist and composer. He has collaborated with everyone from Chick Corea to Seal, Josh Groban, George Duke, Ne-yo, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and countless others.


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