Brad Haehnel 3 (Recording and Production)

Brad Haehnel 3 (Recording and Production)


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Artist: Brad Haehnel
Length: 60:14
Description: In part three (3 of 3) of this recording and music production masterclass, Grammy Nominated engineer/producer Brad Haehnel takes you from start to finish through the recording and music production process. Brad shows you miking techniques, studio tricks, sound tips and more.  This info-packed video series chronicles the recording and production of the song "Rainbows" by the Los Angeles based band, "Nicky Davey".  If you wanna see how an acclaimed producer/engineer works his magic, this video is for you! NOTE: You can purchase all three videos in this series at a discount here!

Topics Covered: Editing, mixing, cleaning up tracks, mixing and matching takes, retaining the live feel, cross stick isolation, tom isolation, reverb, blending drum microphones, reverb, audio bleed, fine tuning, creating a bass part, crossfading edits, compression, consolidating tracks, dc offset, getting rid of super low frequencies, blending sounds, EQing, timing fixes, the dangers of doubling vocals, noise removal, roll off, high pass filters, Pro Tools, pulling in elements from other productions, electronic elements, adding background vocals, using different speakers while mixing, sight lines, etc.

Brad Haehnel

Brad began his engineering career at Manta Sound in Toronto, Canada in 1987 in the dubbing room after graduating Summa cum Laude from Trebas School of Recording.

He quickly climbed the ranks at Manta Sound to Assistant Engineer status where he learned the techniques of recording for album, film and commercial music.
In 1993, he moved to Los Angeles to become an independent engineer. Once establishing himself in Los Angeles, he worked at Oceanway Recording Studios in Hollywood alongside producer/engineer giants likes of Don Was, Phil Ramone, Trevor Horn, Al Schmitt and Dr Dre, to name a few. Brad recorded and mixed film scores for the Denzel Washington’s directorial debut “The Antwone Fisher Story,” “Ararat” directed by award-winning director Aton Egoyan and “The Hulk” –all films were composed by Mychael Danna. Brad has worked on tracks for Jarvis Church’s (lead singer for The Philosopher Kings) new album on RCA records. and “Barenaked” by Jennifer Love Hewitt; “The Detour Home” by indie Canadian artist Scott Merritt and UK artist Ashton Lane on the single release of “Yesterday’s Too Late.”

Content By Brad Haehnel


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