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Founded in 2012, My Music Masterclass, Inc. is a Los Angeles based company created by professional musician Adam Small.  It was conceived due to the lack of “real world” music education currently available on the internet.

While there are many educational resources available for musicians online, key ingredients seem to be something missing from each of them.  Some lack diversity in styles, some lack diversity in instrumentation, some lack real world usefulness and others just lack talent.  Our goal is to teach motivated individuals what it takes to be a PROFESSIONAL in the music industry; more specifically, we aim to help individuals become WORKING professionals.

We film and produce our own Premium Masterclass Videos with top music industry artists.  These artists have carved out successful careers for themselves and they can help you get to the next level.  They know what’s really important about the art, the industry and the business—not just what can get you Youtube hits (like setting the Guinness World Record for consecutive notes in your bedroom).

The Masterclass format is unique in that it allows the artist to discuss exactly what they feel is important for the student to understand.  There is no coaching or hidden agenda when filming our talent.  Every artist involved with the site is hand picked for what they do and what they have accomplished.  It would be counterproductive to force them to teach or discuss something that wasn’t close to their heart.  Unfortunately many sites “over produce” their talent to fill an agenda, add depth to a specific topic or cater to a certain skill level.  Here at, what you see is what you get!

Masterclass videos can’t always be categorized into skill levels due to the depth of the lessons.  Sometimes the focus is musical, sometimes it’s technical, sometimes it’s conceptual, sometimes it deals with business and/or networking.  It really varies depending on the artist’s experiences and expertise, but the goal is always the same: To prepare the individual for a career in the professional music industry.  Much of this advice and information can be beneficial to all skill levels, due to the broadness of the Masterclass format.  It is for this reason that was formed and we hope to provide the best real-world music education on the planet (and the universe… were we to find extra-terrestrial intelligence that creates anything remotely similar to the sound-based art we call music, they wouldn’t have any online music education sources close to the quality of ours here at My Music Masterclass!)  Enjoy!