Danny Lux

Danny Lux




Danny Lux was raised in the San Fernando Valley attending Sepulveda Jr. High through the highly gifted magnet later graduating from Granada Hills High School.
He has always been passionate about music and after graduating high school in 1987 chose to follow his passion and skipping college. A move that turned out to be one of the best decisions in his life. He started his career working and learning from the infamous Mike Post. He remained there for almost a decade before launching off on his own.

Now he is in high demand for various projects. He composes and scores for various television shows at a rate that can only be associated with a master of the art.

The most refreshing and surprising side of Danny is that after all of this success, he has maintained a humility and sincerity that would have been a challenge for anyone to maintain.

The only way to properly describe Mr. Lux is to call him for what he is, a genius. To think that he began with a pair of drumsticks in his back pocket would inspire anyone to work hard to follow their dream with vigor, practice, passion and healthy ambition.


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