Tobias Ralph

Tobias Ralph




Tobias has toured the US, Europe and more with a wide variety of artists including:

Michael Cavanaugh, former lead singer of “Movin’ Out” on Broadway
Touring version of “Movin’ Out”
Tony C and the Truth (Atlantic Records)
Nena, German pop-star, including the recording of a live DVD from a Frankfurt show
Royston Langdon, former lead singer and bassist of Spacehog
Joe Bowie’s legendary funk band Defunkt
Doop Troop (Sony Austria), a jazz/funk fusion band
Medicine Stick, a band founded by former Living Color bassist, Muzz Skillings
Screaming Headless Torsos
Rachid (Universal Records)
Duncan Sheik

He recorded with many of the above artists (Tony C, Nena, Royston Langdon, Defunkt, Doop Troop, and Medicine Stick) as well as 24-7 Spyz; Susan Cagle (Columbia Records); a few tracks with Everlast (White Trash Beautiful – Island/Def Jam); Kif, which was founded by Dave Fiuczynski, a member of the Screaming Headless Torsos (Discovery Records); Plexus, a drum’n’bass band that Tobias was a founding member of; and Vibrolush (V2/Iguana). In addition, he has done studio sessions with artists and producers such as Bruce Hornsby, Steve Thompson, Root 66, Steven Miller, Swirl 360 (Mercury), Imani Coppola (Columbia), Naomi Kukoff, Jennifer Marks and Pocket Size (Atlantic). Tobias has also recorded two jingles, one with Tony C for Coors Original beer and another for Sherwin Williams.


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