Jo Lawry (Singing the Changes)

Jo Lawry (Singing the Changes)


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Artist: Jo Lawry
Length: 31:37
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Description: In this "Singing the Changes" masterclass, acclaimed vocalist Jo Lawry (Solo Artist, Sting, etc.) shows you how to hear and sing your way through jazz chord changes, regardless of the harmonic progression. Jo brings you through a series of exercises to enable you to hear all the possibilities in a jazz composition and improvise freely, outlining the changes in your melodies and solos. If you want to be able to internalize the harmonic movement of a piece of music and sing or play what you hear, this jazz improvisation lesson is for you.

Topics Covered: Hearing Jazz Chord Changes, Improvising Over Jazz Chord Changes, Singing, Improvisation, Intervals, Exercises, Chord Tones, Tensions, Upper Structures, Guide Tones, Movement, Hearing Every Note, Outlining the Harmony, Etc.

Jo Lawry

Australian-born, New York based vocalist Jo Lawry’s debut album I Want to Be Happy was released in 2008 to rave reviews, and named among the “Best CDs of the Decade” by Downbeat Magazine. She has become known beyond jazz circles, however, for her work with Sting – with whom she has been recording and touring since 2009 – and more recently with Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel. She was also featured in the recent Oscar-winning documentary, 20 Feet from Stardom.

“Jo Lawry numbers among our favorite discoveries of the past year.” Time Out New York

“She has a gift for the music of words, a feel for the stories they tell and an instinct for how to drape a lyric elegantly across a vivid melody… Lawry, effervescent and riveting, imbued her singing with a freedom.” Sydney Morning Morning Herald

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