Ruby BC (Music Industry & Keyboards)

Ruby BC (Music Industry & Keyboards)


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Artist: Ruby BC
Length: 40:19
Description: In this music industry and keyboard masterclass, Roland artist Ruby BC tells you how to be successful in the music industry using her experiences as a guide. Ruby discusses her move from music school (Boston) to LA and the mistakes musicians often make in the process. She discusses getting gigs, auditions, networking, touring, writing sessions, making a name for yourself in the industry and much more. Note: Although Ruby is an accomplished keyboardist, there isn't a ton of keyboard specific information or playing in this video. This video is really more of a guide for musicians moving to a big city and striving to get to the next level!

Topics Covered: The Music Industry, Auditions, Touring, Networking, Social Media Etiquette, Making Friends, Learning Your Craft, Being Versatile, Playing in the Pocket, Sounds, Understanding Your Gear, Writing Sessions, Common Mistakes, Marketing and Branding, Moving to a Music City, Making Things Happen, Attitude, Being Prepared, Expectations, Being Expressive, Etc.

Ruby BC

Noted for her versatility and musicality, pianist/keyboardist Ruby Biloskirka-Conley is an up-and-coming artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Ruby is a promising young artist who has already proven herself as an in-demand sideman and accompanist with the experience of a seasoned musician. “It is very clear that she is immensely talented and will definitely do well in the industry…a remarkable degree of preparation, sensitivity, communication, musical insight, proficiency, and leadership”(George Monseur, Berklee College of Music Professor and conductor of the Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra.)

The recipient of the Boston Best Magazine Award for Emerging Young Artist in 2006 and of Berklee College of Music’s World Scholarship Tour, Ruby’s musical talents have afforded her with the opportunities to perform with legendary musicians from around the world. Some of these talents have included Burt Bacharach, Philip Bailey and Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire, Grammy-winner rock guitarist Steve Winwood, singer-songwriter Linda Ronstadt, Smokey Robinson, Grammy-winner Paula Cole, vocalist Bobby McFerrin, drummers Terri Lyne Carrington and Cindy Blackman, Dominican superstar Juan Luis Guerra, bassist Meshell Ndegeocello, jazz saxophonist Greg Osby, guitarist for ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ Felicia Collins, composer Howard Shore, director Christopher Guest, vocalists Sonya Kitchell, Seidah Garrett, Joyce Kennedy, Nona Hendrix, Brazilian artist Rosa Passos, and gospel choir The Kuumba Singers.

As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Ruby had the privilege to study with notable musicians including Joanne Brackeen, Ray Santisi, Tiger Okoshi, Alain Mallet, Casey Scheuerell, Jetro DaSilva, Winston Maccow, Laszlo Gardony, Ron Mahdi, and Darren Barrett.

As a trained pianist and performer, Ruby has engaging stage presence and personality that make her a sought after band member. Her versatility and experience in styles ranging from pop to jazz, gospel to rock, make her a favored accompanist to vocalists, instrumentalists, session and touring musicians. As a bandleader she has headed ensembles in jazz, “RubyBC and the Music Factor”, classical trios, and her most recent funk fusion project “RubyBC and the Next Step”. “Every so often I meet an individual who is truly extraordinary as both a musician and a person. Ruby is an esteemed bandleader and an incredibly proficient pianist, versatile to any style or situation. Her natural leadership style warrants a respectful and productive atmosphere and makes her a pleasure to work with”(Ben Whiting, baritone saxophonist, Boulder CO.)

Ruby has worked as a studio musician recording in Sanctum Sound, Q Division Studios, Mix One, Berklee Studios, and other independent recording studios. She is as comfortable playing a Hammond B-3 organ, acoustic piano or Rhodes, as she is programming multiple keyboards. “Ruby has already performed with and is being sought out by many students and teachers to accompany their performances. Surely we will be seeing more of her in the future!”(Casey Scheuerell, Berklee College of Music Professor and professional drummer.)


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