Erin Jacobson (Protect Your Music!)

Erin Jacobson (Protect Your Music!)


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Artist: Erin Jacobson
Length: 39:04
Description: In this music law masterclass, music and entertainment attorney Erin Jacobson shows you how to protect your music, your brand and your career.  She walks you through common deals, pitfalls and legal language.  This video is a must have if you want to run your music as a business!

Topics Covered: Music Law, Bands vs. Individuals, Publishing Deals, Record Deals, Licensing Deals, Manager Deals, Producer Deals, Protecting Online Content, Youtube Concerns, Income Funneling, Protecting Your Name, Liability, Understanding Legal Language, Splits and Percentages, Copyright, Writing Credit, 360 Deals, Contract Terms, Territory, Sub-Publishing Agreements, Cover Song Issues, Fees and Royalties, Takedown Notices, Sunset Clauses, Power of Attorney, When to Hire a Lawyer, Avoiding Bad Deals.

Erin Jacobson

Erin M. Jacobson is a practicing attorney that represents musicians, songwriters, producers and other entertainment professionals. Her clients trust her to protect them from substandard deals and to help further their careers.

Erin holds a Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School, where she also served as the President of Southwestern’s Entertainment and Sports Law Society, the national Student Liaison to the ABA Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries Law and the Student Liaison to Southwestern for the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Before pursuing law, she worked in the publicity department of Capitol Records, as Director of Promotions for AO Recordings and with Rick Dees on The Weekly Top 40 Countdown. In the legal realm, she has worked at BUG Music and other music publishing companies, as well as several music law firms where she handled a wide variety of music transactional matters in addition to music publishing issues.

Erin graduated cum laude from the University of Southern California. While at USC, Erin was a disc jockey at the school’s student radio station, KSCR. At KSCR, Erin had the “most-listened to” morning show where she would feature an interview and live set with a different independent artist each week.

Erin is based in Los Angeles where she handles everything from copyright registrations to deal negotiations. Her favorite part of being an attorney is working with and counseling talented clients.

To learn more about Erin’s practice or contact her, please visit her website at


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