Al Street (Guitar) – Videos 1 & 2 Bundle

Al Street (Guitar) – Videos 1 & 2 Bundle

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Al Street 1 (Guitar)


Al Street 2 (Guitar)

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Product Description

Artist: Al Street
Length: Video 1 - 34:46, Video 2 - 32:11
Subtitles: English, Italian, Spanish
Description: This discounted bundle includes both videos 1 and 2 from Al Street's guitar series.

Video 1: In part one (1 of 2) of this guitar masterclass, professional guitarist Al Street teaches you a wide variety of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic concepts. He discusses many important topics for professional working guitarists, such as controlling your sound (live and in the studio), comping techniques, rhythmic techniques, constructing melodic guitar solos and more.
Topics Covered: Separating the components of music; understanding musical tempo; isolating your right and left hands; strumming chords; playing percussive funk guitar; sightreading; strengthening your upstrokes; playing “chanks”; rhythmic exercises; palm muting; advanced metronome exercises; harmonic practicing; understanding half-diminished chords; using minor chord substitution; phrasing and doubled notes; playing with even dynamics, etc.

Video 2: In part two (2 of 2) of this guitar masterclass, professional guitarist Al Street teaches you the essential aspects of rhythm section playing, stylistic diversity, guitar maintenance, tone and more.  He discusses important strategies and concepts for working guitarists in the modern age.
Topics Covered: Stretching strings, tuning the guitar, avoiding string breakage, keeping your guitar in tune; practicing with headphones; dealing with backline gear; choosing the right picks and guitar strings; using pedals to sculpt your sound; utilizing your “inner producer”; smart guitar tuning; staying in one place on the neck; using different ranges of the guitar; playing different musical styles; getting gigs as a guitar player; managing your “artist side” and your “working side”; keeping your head up in the music business; smart scheduling as a musician, etc.

Al Street

Guitarist Al Street has been around the world playing music. He is a master of style and of the guitar itself.

Recent performances include shows with soul legends Marva Whitney, Maxine Brown, Darrow Fletcher, the Green Berets and Otis Clay with the Sweet Divines. In addition, playing with Michael Leonhart’s Avramina 7.

Street has played at the world’s top festivals including Glastonbury in the UK, the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada, the JVC Jazz Festival in NYC, and the 1st NuBlu Jazz Festival in New York.

Recently Al has played with Organ Legends Dr. Lonnie Smith and Reuben Wilson, Keyboard Legend Bernie Worrell, Seamus Blake and Pete Francis of Dispatch.
Al Street can be heard on the Major Motion Picture “American Gangster” soundtrack as well as “Three Days of Rain” with Grammy winner Bob Belden. He has toured the world and recorded with funk legend Lee Fields and Daptone recording artist Sugarman 3. Al Street has also traveled to Venezuela, Honduras, Peru and Syria as a U.S. Department of State Jazz Ambassador.

Al Street is now leading his own band, the Al Street Excursion, as well as co-writing, recording, and performing with some of the city’s best singer/songwriters.

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