Ari Hoenig (Mastering Odd Times) – Micro-Credential

Ari Hoenig (Mastering Odd Times) – Micro-Credential


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Artist: Ari Hoenig
Length: Varies depending on student's ability
Description: Ari Hoenig is a world-renowned drummer, composer and educator of rhythmic concepts for all instrumentalists.  Ari's highly popular masterclass video, "Mastering Odd Times" has been purchased, studied and embraced by thousands of students and educators around the globe.  Due to student demand, we are now offering a special micro-credential validation for this course.
"Mastering Odd Times" Description: Ari Hoenig shows you how to become fluent and free when playing in odd time signatures. Ari breaks down a series of exercises, so that you can become a master of odd times regardless of your instrument. If you want to learn to hear, feel and play some more advanced rhythmic content in odd meters, this course video is for you.

What is a Micro-Credential?

A micro-credential from My Music Masterclass (MMMC) and Ari Hoenig certifies that you have successfully met Ari's high standards on this subject.  It's a personal endorsement in the form of a digital certificate signed by Ari and MMMC. Achieving one of our micro-credentials will take a lot of dedication and practice. We have standards that reflect not only the quality of our artists, but our commitment to high-level education; consequently obtaining a MMMC micro-credential is a respected achievement within our industry.

How Can This Benefit Me?

Given the standard of education our micro-credential represents, it can be presented when applying to/for schools (universities, colleges, performing arts high schools, etc), scholarships, visas, grant money, teaching opportunities and more.  Additionally our digital badges can be embedded and/or linked in resumes, bios, blogs, emails and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest). My Music Masterclass uses the "Open Badges" system (via badgr) which is the global standard for verifiable digital credentials.

How Does This Work?

  1. If you don't have it already, you must purchase Ari's "Mastering Odd Times" video before taking this micro-credential. It can be purchased along with the certification on this page.
  2. You then practice the material presented in the videos until you're comfortable with your abilities.
  3. You submit a custom video of yourself performing the required musical tasks outlined by Ari.
  4. Within a week after your submission, Ari will watch your video and decide if you have fulfilled the specified criteria outlined in this course.

What Happens if I Pass?  What Happens if I don't Pass?

If you pass, you will receive a digital micro-credential certificate signed by Ari Hoenig and My Music Masterclass.  You will also be given a digital, shareable badge that can be validated instantly by anyone in the world. Lastly, your name and city/county will be posted to a special page on, as an extra layer of verification. If you don't pass, Ari will give you detailed feedback about what went wrong so you can improve and hopefully pass the certification at a later date.  You will be required to wait at least 2 weeks before retaking this micro-credential and the fee will be waived for re-test. If you don't pass this 2nd test and would like to try a 3rd time, you will need to pay the full micro-credential fee again.

Personal Verification?

You must submit a copy of a government-issued photo identification to make sure you are in fact the person applying for this certification.  This can include a driver's license, passport, national ID card, etc.  This step ensures that this micro-credential is only given out to those who meet our artists' rigorous standards.

Submission Requirements?

Once you feel prepared to take the test, you must create and submit a custom video.  It is not important what device you use to create the video, as long as it is clear enough to see and hear what is being presented.  Here are the general video requirements:
  • The video must not exceed 10 minutes in length.
  • The student must hold up their government-issued photo identification and state his or her name along with the date in the beginning of the video.
  • The student must choose 2 different songs, both to sing the melody and clap the claves and groupings underneath. The student must be able to sing these songs in 5/4 and in 7/4 time.
  • The student must submit the written melodies of the songs in the exact way he or she will perform them. For example if he or she picks "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise" and "Nardis", they would need to submit these songs written in both 5/4 and 7/4 time. (4 total charts)
  • While singing the melody in 5/4 the student must clap 4 out of the possible 10 clave displacements. 2 of them must start on the beat and 2 must start off of the beat. Each rhythm must be clapped for at least 12 bars in length. In addition, student must clap groupings of 2, 3, 4 in subdivisions of eighth notes. He or she must announce which grouping will be performed and the starting point of the rhythm being performed.
  • While singing the melody in 7/4 the student must clap 4 out of the possible 14 clave displacements. 2 of them must start on the beat and 2 must start off of the beat. Each rhythm must be clapped for at least 12 bars in length. In addition, student must clap groupings of 2, 3, 4 in subdivisions of eighth notes. He or she must announce which grouping will be performed and the starting point of the rhythm being performed.
Final Thoughts: Once you've purchased both this micro-credential and Ari's "Mastering Odd Times" video, you will receive a PDF with all the details you need to get started.  If you have any specific questions about this certification, please contact us here.  Like we said on the top of this page, this is not easy to pass and Ari is definitely a tough, but honest judge.  His primary criteria is that the student understands the material and if he or she demonstrates that competency within the video, they will be successful. The fact that this is an advanced certification judged by one of the best in the business, means that only very talented musicians will pass, which in turn means that possessing this micro-credential holds more weight.  You will not only be validated by Ari Hoenig, but also by My Music Masterclass, which has a reputation of incredibly high standards in the music industry.  So, are you up for the challenge?

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Ari Hoenig

Born on November 13, 1973 in Philadelphia, Ari Hoenig, was exposed at an early age to a variety of musical experiences. His father is a conductor and classical singer, his mother a violinist and pianist. Accordingly, at 4 years of age, Ari began studying the violin and piano. He began playing drums at age twelve, and by age fourteen he was honing his skills with other young jazz musicians at Philly clubs such as Ortlieb’s Jazz Haus.

Ari attended the prestigious University of North Texas for three years, where he studied with Ed Soph while playing with the “One O’Clock” Lab Band. Wanting to be closer to New York City, in 1995 Ari transferred to William Patterson College in northern New Jersey. He soon found himself playing for legendary Philadelphia organist Shirley Scott and working regularly in New York City.

Shortly thereafter, Ari moved to Brooklyn and began playing extensively with a variety of groups, including Jean Michel Pilc Trio, Kenny Werner Trio, Chris Potter Underground, Kurt Rosenwinkel Group, Joshua Redman Elastic Band, Jazz Mandolin Project and bands led by Wayne Krantz, Mike Stern, Richard Bona, Pat Martino, Dave Leibman and Bojan Z. He has also shared the stage with such artists as Herbie Hancock, Ivan Linz, Wynton Marsalis, Toots Theilmans, Dave Holland, Joe Lovano, Pat Metheny and Gerry Mulligan, although he got kicked off the stage by security shortly thereafter.

Both of Ari’s self-produced solo drum CDs, “Time Travels” (2000) and “The Life Of A Day” (2002), document his exploratory nature. They represent an ambitious tribute to the melodic possibilities of the drum set. Today, Ari continues to build on the concepts of these two records by playing largely improvised solo concerts using a regular four piece drum kit and no percussion.

The Ari Hoenig Quartet was formed at the end of 2002 while playing every Monday night at the New York Village jazz club Fat Cat. This band featured Jacques Schwarz-Bart on tenor sax, Jean Michel Pilc on piano and Matt Penman on bass. They released two records on the Smalls Records label: “The Painter” (2004) and the DVD “Kinetic Hues” (2005).

In 2006 Ari signed a multi record deal with Dreyfus Records and released his first record for them called “Inversations.” “Inversations” (2006) features the trio with Jean Michel Pilc and Johannes Weidenmueller. “Bert’s Playground” (2008), Ari’s second record for Dreyfus, features Ari’s Punk Bop Band joined by Chris Potter. Highlights of this record include Chris’s solo on Moments Notice and Ari jumping around in red pants on the cover. Jonathan Kreisberg, Matt Penman, Will Vinson, Gilad Hekselman and Orlando le Fleming also represent on this one.

Ari’s next record project was for “Smalls Live,” a record label set up in 2009 to document some of the music being performed at the “Smalls Jazz Club” in New York where Ari has had a residency since 2003. Ari chose his Punk Bop Band to make the record “Punk Bop Live at Smalls.” The Punk Bop Band features Will Vinson on alto, Jonathan Kreisberg on guitar and fellow Jazz Mandolin Project alumni Danton Boller on bass. Tigran Hamasyan is a special guest on 4 tracks as well.

Ari’s Quartet with Tigran Hamasyan, Gilad Hekselman, Orlando le Fleming and Chris Tordini released “Lines of Oppression” (2011) on the Naïve label. This record represents a culmination of Ari’s bandleading, composing and accounting skills.
Currently Ari leads three groups that play his original music. Besides the Ari Hoenig Quartet and “Punk Bop,” Ari also leads the Ari Hoenig Trio, with Jonathan Kreisberg or Gilad Hekselman covering guitar duties and Matt Penman or Orlando plucking on the bass. He also co-leads a variety of projects, including Pilc, Moutin, Hoenig (“the three headed monster”), Oscillations Quartet and various duo’s with Chris Potter, Edmar Casteneda or Dan Weiss.

As an educator, Ari teaches privately and is on faculty at New York University and the New School for Social Research in New York. He gives clinics and lectures at music schools and universities worldwide, and writes a regular educational column for Modern Drummer magazine. In collaboration with bassist Johannes Weidenmueller, Ari released “Intro to Polyrhythms Vol 1”, and “Metric Modulations, Expanding and Contracting Time within Form Vol 2”. (Mel Bay 2009, 2012)

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