Graham Hawthorne (Drum Set Technique for Flow) 2

Graham Hawthorne (Drum Set Technique for Flow) 2


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Length: 30:40
Description: In part two (2 of 2) of this drum set technique lesson series, renowned drummer Graham Hawthorne breaks down his system for achieving technical fluency on the drums. Graham discusses and demonstrates technical exercises, conditioning, coordination and more. If you want to be able to freely play what you hear without getting tripped up on the bandstand or in the studio, this drum masterclass series is for you. NOTE: There is a small PDF bundled with the "purchase" version of this video (not the $8.99 "rental" version), which contains the embedded notation seen in the masterclass. If you want to buy this 2-part series at a discount, you can get the entire bundle here!

Topics Covered: Drum Set, Technique, Achieving Flow, Balance, Hands, Feet, Exercises, Rudiments, Singles, Moving Around the Kit, Time Trials, Stretching, Multiple Strokes, Flam Rudiments, Proper Buzz Roll, Coordination, Etc.

Graham Hawthorne

Graham Hawthorne is one of the most highly regarded Drummer/Percussionists in New York City. A top call studio musician, he has played on hundreds of records, movie soundtracks and jingles.

He has appeared live and on TV with a long list of major artists. live/tv
In 2001 he took over for legendary drummer Steve Gadd with Paul Simon, and since 2003 he has been David Byrne’s drummer.

Graham has traveled extensively to study and research music, mastering many world rhythms and styles. This has led to working with acclaimed world music and crossover artists. world

In the jazz world, Graham has toured or recorded with a number of celebrated artists and musicians.

More than just a great drummer, Graham has mastered modern production and editing techniques using digital audio workstations like Pro Tools, working with top-name artists and producers.

He is also acclaimed for his work as a visionary leader and producer, and as an excellent clinician and teacher.
MBALAFUNK, his first solo CD, was released in 2002. A blend of Senegalese and American popular music, it’s seamless integration of elements is unrivaled in the history of world-pop music.

Known for his funky/soulful groove, fantastic sounds, outstanding creativity, and open/communicative approach, his work is superlative whatever the musical situation and task at hand (playing, producing, writing, arranging, editing, tweaking, contracting, teaching). Click the link for information on internet sessions.

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