Asaf Rodeh (Guitar)


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Artist: Asaf Rodeh
Length: 42:44
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Description: In this guitar masterclass, professional guitarist Asaf Rodeh shows you how to get a variety sounds in the studio and on the stage.  Asaf discusses and demonstrates techniques to help you accompany artists, layer parts in the studio, come up with creative tunings, use effects and more.  If you're looking to add some tools to your sideman (or sidewoman) bag of tricks, this video is for you!

Topics Covered: Layering acoustic guitar, getting different tones from different picks, playing basslines with your thumb, picking from different places on the guitar, using alternate tunings, making up new tunings, fingerpicking with nails vs. skin, using "partial capos", fingerstyle technique, making yourself sound like multiple guitarists simultaneously, setting up your pedalboard to give you more options for tone, getting more sustain from your guitar, getting different sounds from your pedals, etc.

Asaf Rodeh

Asaf Rodeh is a Los Angeles  based session guitar player and producer.

Born and raised in Israel, Asaf moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue a music career and quickly found his way into the local scene.  His musical diversity brought him to work with a wide range of artists such as David Archuleta, Stephanie Quayle, Mika Ben- Yami and many others.

Past and current projects:
David Archuleta
Mika Ben -Yami
Stephanie Quayle
Melinda Ortner
The Red Elvises
Crash Cutie Crash
Kati O’Toole
Darrin Kohavi
Noush Skaugen
Studio Pros.

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