Hey All,

You may have noticed that site has gone through a significant (and much needed) overhaul.  We’ve upgraded to a much smoother and more feature-rich system that offers great benefits to you (the users) and will be expandable in exciting ways moving forward. We believe that we successfully migrated all of your ACTIVE content into the system, but if you are missing anything, please let us know and we’ll sync it for you ASAP. PLEASE NOTE: Since we take your privacy and security very seriously, we haven’t imported any passwords from our old system. So, please follow this link to reset your password and enjoy our brand new website: https://www.mymusicmasterclass.com/my-account/lost-password/

Due to the incredibly arduous task of changing systems, we could not accurately produce past invoices, so we just focused on bringing in your content so that you can enjoy it all 24/7. All future orders will come with invoices, upgrade options and more though.

This rebuilding process has taken a significant amount of time and resources and we’re happy to get back to what we do best; filming and producing badass masterclass videos at a steady pace :).  If you have any further questions about the new site’s functionality, you can check out our FAQ or contact us directly.

Thanks for being awesome,


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