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Musicians are always looking to learn new skills for personal gain and career advancement. This is why we created My Music Masterclass, so that hungry musicians could learn from the best in the world and further themselves in the professional music industry. But there are also times when it may be beneficial to have a tangible certification and endorsement from some of the world’s best musicians and educators; which can be presented when applying for universities/colleges, scholarships, visas, grant money, teaching opportunities and more. This is why we created the MMMC Micro-Credential!

A micro-credential from My Music Masterclass can provide documentation that you have successfully met the standards of one of our world-class artists within a given topic or field. In short, it’s an endorsement from a musical master. Achieving one of our micro-credentials will take a lot of dedication and practice. We have standards that reflect not only the quality of our artists, but our commitment to high-level education; consequently, obtaining a MMMC micro-credential is a respected achievement within our industry.

How Does This Work?

A student studies the course materials (videos) for the specific micro-credential until they feel prepared. He or she then films a video (from a phone, tablet or standalone camera) of themselves performing the required musical tasks outlined in the course requirements. The artist watches this video and decides if the student has fulfilled the specified criteria outlined in the course.

If the student passes, he or she will receive a digital micro-credential certificate signed by the artist and My Music Masterclass. Passing students will also be given a digital, shareable badge that can be validated instantly by anyone in the world.  Lastly, the student’s name and city/county will be posted to a special page on, as an extra layer of verification.  If the student doesn’t pass, he or she will be told exactly what went wrong so they can improve and hopefully pass the certification at a later date.

The specifics for each micro-credential vary and details can be found on their individual pages seen below. We will be adding new courses regularly…this is just the beginning!

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